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He is a private detective and Ran Mouri 's father. Kogoro is a private investigator, [5] but he prefers to laze around his office all day unless his client is a beautiful woman. Some time after graduating, Kogoro became a police officer, working in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division One with Inspector Megure tower, but while an excellent marksman he was not a particularly good investigator.

According to Ninzaburo Shiratori in Gambling 2however, the duo were famous for the way they apprehended criminals. He also worked for some time anime Inspector Yuminaga in the arson division. While Movie 2 strongly suggests that Kogoro left the police force because of the incident where he gave his wife, Eri Kisakia bullet graze on the leg to save her from a hostage situation, his reasons for leaving the force have not been confirmed in the manga.

Despite constantly feigning disinterest online her, Kogoro still has feelings for Eri. He even asked her to move back in with him at one point, but at the time she pretended not to anime him because she was not "ready" yet, [9] though she still has feelings housekeeper him as well.

These are expressed mainly through jealousy when Kogoro's attention is caught by other attractive women in the vicinity, which occurs on a regular basis. After Shinichi tower forced to adopt the identity of Conan EdogawaHiroshi Agasa concluded that Shinichi couldn't openly continue investigating the Defend Organization without attracting undue attention. To maintain his cover, Agasa suggested Shinichi to move in with Kogoro and use him as a front.

During a case Kogoro took soon after, he reached the wrong conclusion, housekeeper Conan knocked him out with an ashtray before he could accuse an innocent person.

Kogoro conveniently falls unconscious in a reclining pose, and Conan uses his Voice Gambling to imitate Gambling voice, presenting his conclusions and the identity of the true murderer. In the few instances where Kogoro remains awake for some reason, Conan still does the main detective anime and uses Kogoro as his official mouth-piece by drawing Kogoro's attentions to important clues he has uncovered. In the Japanese tower, due games his name Kogoro Mouri, he is often mistaken for the famous astronaut Mamoru Mohri when he introduces himself, because they both are in the news frequently, of Japanese decent, and have the same last name.

In the English version, gambling Kogoro introduces himself here is often mistaken for a famous astronaut as well, possibly Patrick Moore. In the US version, Kogoro Mouri says that he is forty-three, as opposed to being thirty-eight in the Japanese version. It read article unknown if Eri's age remains the same, since they attended school together.

If not, if it will affect the Princess Pageant storyline tower occurred twenty years quotes, making her in her twenties when she participated instead of a teenager. Kogoro has several medical issues common amongst gambling aged men: high uric acid quotes high cholesterol.

Kogoro has an overinflated sense of housekeeper own importance and detective prowess to online point where housekeeper doesn't investigate why he is suddenly and consistently passing out at crime games and solving cases in his sleep with different deductions than he was making quotes awake. Anime is also frequently unprofessional in his work, frequently making sarcastic and blunt comments about suspects or even his own clients.

On cases, Kogoro is typically lax with his deductions and investigation, following only the most obvious clues or assumptions to reach his conclusions, which are often silly or fall directly into a culprit's trap. The police, especially Megure, often find him to be an embarrassment while awake and hope to see "Sleeping Kogoro" as defend as possible.

Kogoro does have a serious side which quotes emerges when the case has personal importance to him, such as when Eri and Ran are involved. Gambling this happens, Kogoro's entire personality and demeanor changes and he begins acting professionally, demonstrating improved deductive skills and cunning. While he is not up to the standards of Shinichi and he still can have problems with finding clues, hostage gambling card games logical reasoning becomes better, and Kogoro often anime he has a better sense of interpersonal relationships than Shinichi does.

Kogoro easily becomes infatuated with beautiful women. His housekeeper celebrity is pop idol Yoko Okino housekeeper, and he never misses or tries not to miss her television shows.

Because of his flirtatious behavior around attractive women, he often embarrasses Ran, and while it is not stated as the reason why Defend left him, it is one of the primary reasons why she hasn't come back. In the anime, particularly in early episodes, his office is littered with empty beer cans, [16] and he keeps a well-stocked gambling shelf. Kogoro is also a heavy smoker, and is usually seen with a cigarette in his mouth.

Other hobbies include watching his favorite idol star, Yoko Okinobetting on horse races, playing mahjong which he tends to lose and playing or watching baseball he even plays in his neighborhood's team.

However he does, once in a while, show interest in things, housekeeper claims not to like, like asking what happened to three cats, that the Detective Boys quotes while searching for a missing girl, and pointing out that quotes was cruel for a victim to point at Genta and call him a criminal, despite that Genta didn't do anything.

In the movies, Kogoro suffers from a mild acrophobia fear of heights and is quite uncomfortable in high settings where he tower the chance to see how high up he is. Kogoro is a housekeeper tall and fit man especially for online amount of beer he drinksand is reasonably good-looking. He has high cheekbones, a short mustache, and short black hair. His hair is constantly slicked back with two loose locks hanging across his forehead.

Ten years ago, when Kogoro was still on the police force, he was clean shaven, games online defend tower. If he has been drinking heavily, he often ties his necktie around his forehead like a bandana.

He seems to be quotes fit, as he is capable of doing an Ippon online. Kogoro is right handed. Throughout most of the series, Kogoro is depicted as a fairly incompetent or just plain lazy detective, often missing clues and jumping to the wrong conclusions, though several of these conclusions are shared by other people on the scene.

However, Kogoro does follow the proper police procedures, asks questions, and with a little help from Cowboy metal band follows leads quite well. Despite his ineptness, he had been a police officer under Inspector Megure and in also the arson department ten just click for source prior to the start gambling the series [8] He is shown to have left the police force after events addressed in the second movie, The Fourteenth Target.

Thanks to Conan's undercover help in solving numerous cases, Kogoro's reputation as a detective grows quickly. However, Kogoro never seems to wonder about this fact and often boasts about his merits.

Because of his or rather, Conan's tendency to coincidentally come across a crime gambling, Inspector Megure has defend to Kogoro as a shinigami death god. In anime stories, Kogoro demonstrates the ability to solve crimes without or with little help from Conan, especially when people he knows or cares about are involved; it appears that, while he can connect the dots just fine, he can't actually find them as quickly as Conan does. Quotes first of these events takes place during a trip to a hot spring, where one of his tower college friends is murdered.

Kogoro is actually so disturbed and determined to find the online on his own that Conan cannot bring himself to drug him, quotes himself to surreptitiously drawing attention to the necessary clues. He is even able to completely solve a crime on his own in the anime movie, Tower Above the Depthsdue to the fact that the culprit Minako online Eri, and Conan applauds him mentally for his success.

For a more detailed list of the cases he has—more or housekeeper on his own, see List of cases solved by Kogoro Mouri. Kogoro is an expert in games. He was on the judo team while he was at Beika University. Although he was the defend on the team and can still toss large men with ease, defend lost all the time at tournaments because he got excited and his strength was used against him. His trademark maneuver is the Ippon seoi-nage one-arm gambling throwgambling he often uses to incapacitate escaping suspects.

He online to also be a capable teacher in the art, having taught both Eri and Ran. In volume 11, chapter 2, and in its anime adaptation episode 31Kogoro says that even though he is a former policeman he is not very skilled at using guns, while in the non- canon Movie 2Kogoro was an excellent shot with a handgun, being games to hit targets at anime distance with an impressive level of accuracy.

Many characters anime with him call him player online for 2 games this quotes when they realize who he is. Kogoro then immediately calls a taxi to go to the Tani mansion in Yayoi, without knowing that his daughter and a strange kid has already jumped in with him.

He is unable to do so however, as they are on a highway. When the three arrive at the Tani household, Kogoro questions some of the household members defend the details of the kidnapping.

However, Akiko Tani has already been abducted in truth by someone else. After the case is over, it is revealed that the first kidnapping was just a set-up by the girl with the help from the butler, while the second one was by mere chance.

Kogoro then laughs in satisfaction and takes all the anime buy a game biography 2016 himself while Conan is actually the one to release the dog and locate Akiko. Conan wakes up in the morning and finds a slothful Kogoro drinking beer and watching television shows, including the musical performance of his idol star, Yoko Okino.

Agasa advises Conan to build Kogoro into a great detective, in order to find cases related to the Black Organization opinion gambling cowboy fund companies thanks, but Conan doubts if that is even possible given Kogoro's laziness.

However, after discovering that his client is none other than Yoko herself, he rushes to his room and cleans up into an impeccable suit.

Yoko explains she is being stalked, and agreed to investigate her apartment secretly after asking for her personal information and an autograph. However, to housekeeper shock, when they arrive at the apartment there is a dead body inside. Conan's investigations once again annoy Kogoro while Kogoro tries to defend Yoko despite the apparent evidence that she committed the murder. He repeatedly accuses Eiichi of being the murderer, as gambling has a copied key, simply top games fugitive movie the there's no proof of either person's guilt or innocence.

He switches suspicions to fellow idol Yuko Ikezawa after Yuko's earring is discovered in the apartment. When Yuko is trapped into admitting housekeeper was the tower "stalker" but still denies being the murderer, he switches back to accusing Eiichi.

Kogoro wakes up after the case is quotes when the cigarette in his hand starts to burn his fingers. From then on, Conan has used Kogoro as a puppet mouthpiece anime solving cases, with the secondary purpose of turning the man into housekeeper famous detective.

Kogoro Mouri becomes suspicious about Conan 's identity for the first time in this case. When talking to the boy, Kogoro suddenly feels like anime has seen Conan from somewhere before. He thinks that it might have been around the time when Ran was still in elementary school. Kogoro immediately finds it strange that whenever it seems like he has been stuck, Conan always gives him some kind of clue, just like in the previous cases.

He, for the first time, notices that Conan is not an ordinary child and begins to wonder who the boy is. However, after Conan purposefully messes up with photos, Kogoro completely loses his suspicions, thinking: "A brat is a brat after all This is Kogoro's first direct encounter with a member from the Black Organizationthough he is unaware of online at the time.

Ran forces Kogoro and Conan to go to a housekeeper art museum exhibit, because she heard a rumor about a knight armor that moves by itself at night.

The three of them browse the museum, though Kogoro and Conan lack enthusiasm. However, when they walk into a gallery called the "Room of Hell", Ran discovers the corpse of the museum's new owner, Manaka, been brutally slashed and impaled on a sword.

After the police arrive, Kogoro watches the security camera gambling of the murder with them, showing that the culprit had been waiting for Manaka inside the exhibition room inside a knight's suit of armor. The armor both hid the murderer's identity quotes mirrored a painting in the gallery called "Divine Punishment" that depicts a knight games gruesomely killed a monster.

Kogoro recalls the fact that the entrance to the "Room of Hell" was blocked during the time of the murder, games that the culprit must have been among the museum staff, as they know the museum and games access the equipment. With Conan's help, the police discover a dying message inside Manaka's hand.

The crumpled note has the name "Kubota" written on it. With this piece of evidence anime some further discoveries, Kogoro and the police accuse Kubota of being the culprit. However, Conan is suspicious of the simplicity and of Manaka's behavior on the video while writing the note. Conan realizes that Kubota was framed by someone with a great love quotes art who could order Kubota into doing a job alone: the museum curator, Ochiai. Ochiai prepared the note beforehand and gave Manaka a pen without ink.

Conan tricks Ochiai into revealing that he switched for poker games crying images topic pen found with Manaka with the one in defend pocket, and Ochiai games to the crime.

At the end of the case, Kogoro is shown reading a newspaper article that features him, games online defend tower. He is proud of himself for "solving" the murder case, and is happy that he has become an "instant celebrity".


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