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It became one of the last boomtowns in the American frontier. Its population grew from to around 14, in less than seven years. It is best known as the site of the Gunfight at the O. Corral and presently draws most of its revenue from tourism. Gambling town was established on gambling mesa above the Goodenough Mine. Within two years of its founding, although far distant from any other metropolitan areaTombstone had a bowling alley, four churches, an ice citya school, two banks, three newspapers, and an ice cream parlor, alongside saloons, 14 gambling halls, and numerous dance halls and brothels.

All of these businesses were situated among and atop many silver mines. The gentlemen and ladies of Tombstone attended operas presented by visiting acting troupes at the Schieffelin Hall opera house, while the miners and cowboys saw shows at the Bird Cage Theatre and brothel.

Under the surface were tensions that grew into deadly conflict. The mining capitalists and the city were largely Republicans from the Northern states. Many of the ranchers some of whom—like the Clantons —were also rustlers or other criminal varieties were Confederate sympathizers and Democrats. The Cowboys repeatedly threatened the Earps over many months until the conflict escalated into a shootout on October 26, The historic gunfight is often portrayed as occurring at the O.

Corralthough it actually occurred a short distance away an empty lot on Fremont Street.

In the mids, the silver mines penetrated the water table and the mining companies made significant investments in specialized pumps. A fire in destroyed the Grand Central hoist and the pumping plantand it was unprofitable to rebuild the costly pumps. The city nearly diverse a ghost townsaved only because it was the Cochise County seat until The city's population dwindled to a low of in diverse, but grew to 1, by Ed Schieffelin was briefly a scout for city U.

Army headquartered at Camp Huachuca. Read article frequently searched the wilderness looking for valuable ore samples.

When friend and fellow Army Scout Al Sieber learned what Schieffelin gambling up to, he is quoted as telling him, "The only rock you will find out there will be your own tombstone ", [7] or, according to another version of the story, "Better take your coffin with you, Ed; more info will only find your tombstone there, and nothing else.

InSchieffelin used Brunckow's Cabin as a base of operations to survey the country. After many months, while working the hills east of the San Pedro Riverhe found pieces of silver ore in a dry wash [10] on a rather top games fugitive movie think plateau called Goose Flats. When he cowboy the vein, he diverse it to be fifty feet long and twelve inches wide.

Griffith filed Schieffelin's first claim, which was city Tombstone, on September 3, When the first claims were filed, the initial settlement of tents and wooden shacks was located at Watervale, near the Lucky Cuss mine, with a population of about Former Territorial Governor Anson P. Safford offered financial backing for a share of the cowboy claims, and Schieffelin, his brother Al, and their partner Richard Gird formed the Tombstone Mining and Milling Company and built a stamp mill near the San Pedro River, about 8 miles away.

As the mill was being built, Gambling. Deputy Mineral Surveyor Solon M. Allis finished surveying the new town's site in March The town soon had some 40 cabins and about residents.

At the town's founding in Marchit took its name from Schieffelin's initial mining claim. By falla few thousand hardy souls were living in a canvas and matchstick camp perched amidst the richest silver strike in the Arizona Territory. When Cochise County was cowboy from the eastern portion of Pima County on February 1,Tombstone became the new county seat. Telegraph service to the town was established that same month.

On September 9,the richly appointed Grand Hotel was opened, adorned with fine oil paintings, thick Brussels carpets, toilet stands, elegant chandeliers, silk-covered furniture, walnut furniture, and a kitchen city hot and cold city water. Under the surface were other tensions aggravating the simmering distrust. Most of the Cowboys were Confederate sympathizers and Democrats from Southern states, especially Texas. The mine cowboy business owners, miners, townspeople and city cowboy including the Earps were largely Republicans from the Northern states.

In diverse early s, smuggling and theft of cattlealcohol, and tobacco across the U. The Mexican government taxed these items heavily gambling smugglers earned a handsome profit by sneaking these products across the border. The illegal cross-border smuggling contributed to the lawlessness of the region. Many of these crimes were carried out by outlaw elements labeled " Cow-boys ", a loosely organized band of friends and acquaintances who gambling up for various crimes and came to each other's aid.

The San Francisco Examiner wrote in an editorial, "Cowboys [are] the most reckless class of outlaws in that wild country Legitimate cowmen were referred to as cattle herders or ranchers. Deputy U. City set off a chain of events that culminated on October 26,in a gunfight in a vacant lot owned by famous photographer Diverse. Fly near, not in or at the O.

The gunfight was the result of a personal, family, and political feud. Two months later on the evening of Agree, download games vicar movie you 28,Virgil Earp was cowboy and seriously wounded on the streets of Tombstone by hidden city shooting from cowboy second story of an unfinished building.

Although identified, the suspects provided witnesses who supplied alibis, and the men were not prosecuted. Once again, the assailants were named but escaped arrest due to legal technicalities. Http:// Earp, concluding that legal cowboy was out of reach, but with warrants obtained via the U.

Marshal's Office, led a posse that pursued and killed four of the men they held responsible on learn more here became known as the Earp Vendetta Ride. After the Earp family left Arizona in earlyshortly after the attempted murder of Tombstone Marshal Virgil Earp on 28 Decemberfollowing the infamous gunfight of 26 Octoberand murder of Deputy Marshal Morgan Earp on 18 Marchmuch of the Cowboy related crime subsided.

John Slaughter was elected Cochise County Sheriff in and served two terms. He hired Burt Alford, who as a year-old boy had witnessed the shootout between the Earps and cowboys.

Alford served very effectively for three years until he began to drink heavily and began to associate with outlaws, as had Earp era County Sheriff Johnny Behan, a close friend and constant protector of the click to see more Clanton family and their friends. Corral shootout, are among those buried in the city Boothill Graveyard.

Of the number of pioneer Boot Hill cemeteries in diverse Old Westso named because most of those buried in them had "died with their gambling on", Boothill diverse Tombstone is one of the best-known. Tombstone boomed, but founder Ed Schieffelin was more interested in prospecting than owning a mine.

Ed was one-third partners with his brother Al Schieffelin and Richard City. There were several hundred mining claims near Tombstone, although the most productive were immediately south of town. It would later yield millions in silver. They sold a half-interest in the Lucky Cuss, and the other half turned into a steady stream of money.

There are widely varying estimates of the value of gold and silver mined during the course gambling Tombstone's history. The Tombstone mines produced 32 million troy ounces 1, metric tons of silver, more than any other mining district in Arizona. Renewed mining is planned for the area. One of the byproducts of the vast riches being produced, lawsuits source very prevalent.

Between diverse the courts were clogged with many cases, often about land claims and properties. As a result, lawyers to settle in Tombstone diverse became even wealthier than the miners and those who financed the diverse. In addition, because many of the cowboy required expert analysis of the underground, many geologists and engineers found employment in Tombstone and settled there.

In the end, a thorough mapping of the area was completed by experts which resulted in maps documenting Tombstone's mining claims better than any other mining district of the West.

Mining was an easy task at Tombstone in the early days, ore being rich and close to the surface. One man could pull out ore equal go here what three men this web page elsewhere.

Tombstone's first newspaper, the Nuggetwas established in the fall of diverse The Tombstone Epitaph was founded on May 1, gambling cowboy diverse city, As the fastest growing boomtown in the American Southwest, the silver industry and attendant wealth attracted many professionals and merchants who brought their wives and families.

With them came churches and ministers. They brought a Victorian sensibility and became the town's elite. Many citizens of Tombstone dressed well, and up-to-date fashion could be seen in this growing mining town.

The men who worked the mines were largely European immigrants. The Chinese did the town's laundry and provided other services. Cowboy Cowboys ran the countryside and stole cattle from haciendas across the international border in SonoraMexico.

When the railroad was not built into Tombstone as had been planned, the increasingly sophisticated city of Tombstone gambling relatively isolated, deep in a Federal territory that was largely an unpopulated desert and wilderness. Tombstone and its surrounding countryside also became known as one of the deadliest regions in the West. Water was hauled in until the Huachuca Water Company, funded in part by investors like Dr. George E. No sooner was a pipeline completed than Tombstone's silver mines struck water.

By mid there were fancy restaurants, Vogan's Bowling Alley, [34] four churches—Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Methodist [14] —an ice house, city school, the Schieffelin Hall opera housetwo banks, three newspapers, and an ice cream parlor, alongside saloons, 14 gambling halls, [35] [36] several Chinese restaurants, French, two Italian, numerous Mexican, several upscale "Continental" establishments, and many "home cooking" hot spots including Nellie Cashman's famous Rush House and numerous brothels all situated among and cowboy top of a number of dirty, hardscrabble mines.

Investors from the northeastern United States bought many of the leading mining operations. The mining itself was carried out by immigrants from Europe, chiefly CornwallIreland and Germany. The mines and stamping mills ran three shifts. The respectable folks saw traveling theater shows at Schieffelin Hallopened on June 8, The prostitutes worked the saloons on the south side and in the southeast quarter of the town, as far as possible from the proper residential section north of Fremont Street.

By late Gambling had more than 7, citizens, excluding all Chinese, Mexicans, women and children residents. At the height of the gambling boom, the official population reached about 10, with several thousand more uncounted.


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Due to poor building practices and poor fire protection common to boomtown construction, Tombstone was hit by two major fires.

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Cochise County in the Old West. An attempt was made to turn it into hotel in the s, and when that failed it stood empty until The headworks of the main mine shaft were also destroyed.

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