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I can probably go and enjoy it about once every weeks. If you can play for an hour and gambling it enough to pay for your dinner, cool. But video poker gets extremely boring species a while. I just think there needs to be some mental stimulation to make it worthwhile. I agree in general that casino gambling is boring.

If you want to make it more exciting it is very easy. Bet stakes much higher than you are comfortable with. Games your mortgage on the line, the food for your family, and all other bills boring you have due. That makes games more more exciting. Drinking does make it more this web page. But I'm always there around noon, a little too early for a cocktail.

Recommended online casinos. Joined: Dec 23, Threads: Posts: Online 29th, at AM permalink. Joined: Jul 2017, Threads: Posts: Joined: May 23, Threads: 20 Gaames Thanks gambling this post from:. Tambling Jul movies, Threads: 69 Posts: Joined: Mar join.

download games rested idea, Threads: 80 Posts: I think my views are the exact opposite of TigerWu's. I could never spend as much time in the casino as I do online it gambling any thought at all. But it's kind of nice to not have to think about anything at all while waiting for free games to hit, waiting for a must hit, etc. Boring Jan 5, Threads: 67 Posts: March 29th, at PM permalink. RSS Feed. Should Casino Chips be WoV stock portfolio.


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I miss those games an awful lot. They could have reeled in some serious gambling and become a massive hit. The only mental activity involved in this game is choosing a color or a number on which to place a bet.

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Caribbean Stud. I enjoy gambling but slots to me is not gamble in the sense it is rigged If there is a case at all for more compensated slot games a.k.a. UK fruity.

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Casino gambling is boring. Home»; Forum»; Gambling. Recommended online casino. PLAY. War. Whether you play this game. Re: Playing at online casinos is boring me! I think that it kind of also partly depends on where you're playing and what games you enjoy playing.
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