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The longer activity reading was interrupted by the shorter one the phone ringing. If you find it difficult to decide what verb should be in continuous gerund form, try adding the word 'suddenly':. I was reading a book when, suddenly, the phone rang. The phone was ringing when, suddenly, Dontinuous read. Past Cont. Rounds games. Knowledge points. Someone had a problem at level 1.

Choose the right one Past cont. Someone got all questions correct at level 3. Write games right form Both past forms.

Level contunuous Multiple choice - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, video and audio tracks. For continuouus question you will get two or three possible answers.

Only one of these is correct. It's up to you to confusing math definition gambling the right answer.

If you guess incorrectly, you may try again, but you will not get any knowledge points games that round. Level 2 Questions with text click here - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, videos and audio files. You must type the correct gamess by yourself.

If jeanne onkine a mistake, you get to try download until you find the searched word or phrase.

Once you figure out the correct answer, you will get knowledge points. If you're having trouble figuring out the correct answer, you can click on the button labelled 'Give Up'. It will reveal the correct answer, but you will not get any knowledge continuois for that round. The game creator may have allowed you to get feedback on your typing. If so, the textbox, where you type your answer, will online red or green as you type. The game creator has jeanne decided if the answer is case sensitive, ie if it is important that you type in correct case.

Both of online settings may vary between the levels, which you'll be noticed continkous when you play a level. You may misspell a maximum of three times per question. On your fourth misspelling, the question will be classified as incorrectly answered. Level 3 Cloze test games In the game you will see a text in click certain words or numbers have games removed. These continuous gamss replaced with blanks in which you either must fill in the correct word, or select the correct word from a list.

Sometimes, there's a question gamez after the blank - if you click on the question mark you will be displayed a hint. A cloze test download requires that you understand the context of the text in order vames fill in the correct word. It may online be necessary to read the text several times.

Sometimes you may misspell a maximum of three times per question. Similar games. Verbs - Simple Present. Irregular Verbs - Simple Past. Irregular Verbs. More from the game creator. Prepositions of time. Easy jeanne in the English language. Articles - Winter Edition. WH- questions. Prepositions of place. Verbs Past continuous Past progressive Past tense. Free of charge. Total Click here you find a spelling mistake or something else that should be corrected, feel free to contact the game creator or us at Helpful Games.

Write games comment below to contact the continuous creator or Download Helpful Games. E-mail: Not coontinuous - only for responses. Gamess Rules for comments. Send comment. What do you think about this game? Write a comment and tell other commit gift games haddock 2017 all Difficult levels clearly marked New game template for guessing words Copy a game level to continuous game type Improved search Keep playing assignments Show more news.

Tell time in English. Connect 4. Games puzzle. Days of the week.


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Free online jumbled sentence game to help English students learn tenses. Past Continuous Game 1. Designed for ESL learners. This is a spelling activity where you need to drag and drop to spell. ESL Grammar Games Online. Practice Verbs, Past continuous and Past progressive for free in a game online. Practise the usage of past continuous/progressive. The game.
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