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Unity evangelists games the real-time creator community flourish by sharing their passion and knowledge. After 10 years as an indie developer and game creation event organizer, Ashley joined Unity as an evangelist for the Americas. She spends 2017 mistake download games days empowering creators with the knowledge and skills they need fruition create games, films, and interactive media.

Her past roles at Global Game Jam, IndieCade, and Games For Change have made her a passionate advocate of democratizing gamedev — a mission she proudly continues at Unity. As an evangelist, he strives to enable the success of all games who use Unity. Housein joined Unity as a content evangelist after over 15 years of professional experience with 3D technologies. He brings hands-on expertise from working in VFX and automotive visualization, as well as a BFA and training in mechanical engineering.

He loves being part of a really great team of learn more here who help each other grow while assisting others, and he enjoys learning new things on the job and off.

Mike is the global head of evangelism fruition for Unity Technologies, where he develops and delivers recorded, live, and onsite learning content to help creators improve their Unity online. He has experience as an indie gamedev and a university educator, and he even did a brief stint as a wedding DJ.

A gamer at heart, Mike loves being an evangelist because he gets to build awesome and absurd Evangelical projects while making game development fun games accessible for everyone.

Elizabeth is a Unity field evangelist for architecture, engineering and construction AEC. Elizabeth games holds an MASc in building engineering and has published peer-reviewed research on the interoperability between BIM and building energy analysis solutions. With a background in computer science, Alexandre has broad expertise in the game industry, having cofounded two studios and see more a deep understanding of download the technical and download aspects of game development and publishing.

Dan was first introduced to Unity in college, and he worked on indie game projects until landing his first job developing mobile games. Dan loves exploring the new kinds of experiences and interactions that are made possible by new media, such as virtual fruition augmented reality, and he often finds himself bouncing around ideas and prototypes with friends.

As a Unity evangelist, Elena works with community user groups and insiders to support creators at all skill levels. She joined Unity in fruition, bringing to her role a marketing MBA and experience mobilizing players around video game launches, including for the iconic Japanese mobile game The Battle Cats.

She believes that great educational content and support for learners are key to ensuring a strong and fruition developer community, and evangelical any new user who gets through their first month in Unity will use the platform forever.

Arturo is a Unity evangelist for games in North America. Arturo is passionate about computer graphics, game-feel and programming, and a diehard horror fan in any format. Mark is a Unity evangelist with a strong technical background in 3D animation for both film and video games. For nearly 20 years, he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, where he enjoyed a front-row seat during the emergence of the 3D industry. When not pushing the limits of 3D, Mark enjoys Formula 1 racing, photography, and VR — which is of course just more 3D.

He loves being a Unity online evangelist because he gets to inspire people at the beginning of their game development journey and help them online learn accessible tools. He always hopes users will ask for his help getting started with technical art tools like particles and VFX, and with general polish techniques. He has a graphic design background and over 12 download of development games, including two commercial game releases with his own company, Tiny Colossus, and work as a tester at EA.

He likes to draw advanced development practices and optimization tricks into his talks, occasionally touching on game design, download. He is also the creator of the Games Playgroundan asset that helps kids make games in Unity without programming. Download on her passion for games, teaching experience and dev chops, today Chema is a Unity evangelist based in Copenhagen, educating users and sharing her passion for Unity.

Sam is an online evangelist for Unity, based in Copenhagen. He also looks after user groups and doles out advice on how online become fruition Unity star YouTuber — fruition pretty much anything else game developers or Unity creators might be curious to know more evangelical. Amel is a Unity technical evangelist based in Copenhagen.

In a previous life, Matt was a professional DJ and electronic music producer before getting into games, download games fruition 2, and he still creates ambient music and videos for his personal YouTube download. Andy is a global content evangelist for Unity, where he focuses on games example projects to demonstrate upcoming features and inspire users to take their games to the next level.

He studied interactive media production in school, then worked as source gamedev before joining Unity in His favorite part of the job is experimenting with new features and tools, and he believes that everything Unity makes should be helpful to users in real-world scenarios, mechanics, and visual effects. Want to make him happy? Ask how to replicate a big-budget movie effect using Unity shaders. Marek is a product evangelist based in Singapore.

Games joined Unity in to enhance the bridge between developers and the latest technologies, and he loves that his role lets him meet inspiring and talented people. Vanz is the head of Unity evangelism in Korea, where he shares his passion for real-time media creation with anyone who will listen.

He has over 15 years of experience in the game industry, games fields including PC online game development, services, software development, and lecturing gambling definition publicity management gamedev in university. He likes to demo tools for users, then let them do it for themselves, and John loves it when he games Unity users are able to games their production issues together.

Adriana is a Unity evangelist based in Seoul, specializing in architecture, engineering and construction AEC and industrial applications, as well as media and entertainment evangelical. She has games interdisciplinary visual arts background and has worked in graphic design, web development, and as a producer. Adriana joined Unity in She loves that her role lets her meet interesting people, and tries to create a positive atmosphere to make learning fun.

Adriana is secretly afraid of birds, so fruition can ask her questions about anything but that. SangYun is a seasoned technical artist and evangelist based online Seoul. Before joining Unity, he worked for several games as a 3D environment artist and designer in the Games game industry.

As an evangelist, SangYun encourages users to share as much information as possible about their projects so that he can best help them improve visual quality and performance. As one of the pioneers of early mobile game development, Jerry is rare in having more than 10 years of experience in games field.

Jerry joined Unity as a product evangelist inand he also lectures in game development part time at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He loves being able to share new Unity features with developers around the world, source he says the best part is seeing the magic that devs create as they start using them.

Liang Leon Cheng is a evangelical evangelist based in Shanghai. Leon has online as a senior game developer at Tencent, where he focused on mobile games, and at Ubisoft, on console games. He specializes in graphics and download techniques. Leon joined Unity inand he loves that his role gives him early access to the latest tools and features and the chance to share them with users in fun and interesting ways.

Yining is a media and entertainment evangelist and senior animator at Unity, based in Shanghai. He brings an impressive list of credits from his 14 years of experience working in animation for feature film and TV productions, games six years at Oriental DreamWorks. Yining has an electronic information engineering degree, but his work play for free hidden object focused on character animation, rigging, dialog synchronization, 3D layout, and game animation.

Han is a Unity evangelist based in China, who joined the team in Han loves working as a Unity evangelist because the position lets him explore new ways to apply his artistic download. He especially likes helping fellow developers and artists discover and fine-tune the art flow while they work on their games, and he loves to find ways to download learning fun.

Before fruition Unity inhe was a game producer for mobile and web games in Taiwan for over 10 years. He loves that being an evangelist lets him share his knowledge and experience, constantly learn new things, and help others make great games using Unity.

Richard Dong is the lead product evangelist and product manager for Unity China. He has 15 years of experience as a full-stack web and mobile programmer and worked as a Unity gamedev and project manager for Perfect World Entertainment prior to fruition Unity in At Unity, his team creates training workshop materials, delivers online live sessions, and manages localized products and custom builds of the Unity Editor and Unity Hub for the Chinese market.

He loves his job because he download new things every day and spends his time talking to and sharing with like-minded developers. Eveline brings curiosity and enthusiasm to her work as a Unity evangelist. He still loves making games. Nobuyuki is a community evangelist for Unity Japan. Hiroki is a product evangelist and the regional director for Unity Japan.

His game development career spans 25 years, first working on internal engines in the Japanese games industry, then making his own games as an indie developer. He joined the Unity team in During almost 20 years in the industry, he has worked as a 2D and 3D artist, technical artist, director, product manager for Tose Software, and a part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University.

He tries to help users overcome any inhibitions about using the platform, and loves helping people solve their problems with Unity solutions. Keijiro joined Evangelical inbased in Tokyo. His creations include Download, music and sound online, and holographic shows, games he regularly online his Unity-based projects and demos with thousands of followers via games dev logGitHub reposVimeo accountand other channels.

Issey is a product evangelist for architecture, engineering and construction AEC at Unity, where he hopes to eliminate the barriers between architecture and other industries.

Issey launched UnityJapanOffice on the Asset Store to explore the potential for architectural visualization in Unity and make this asset available to others.

As an evangelist, he tries to help bring about a world in which anyone can create with Unity. Koichi is a community evangelist for Unity Japan. Koichi co-launched Famitsu.

As an evangelist, he tries to keep things simple, easy and fun. Tatsuhiko joined Unity as an evangelist in Fruition in Japan, Tatsuhiko loves that his job gives him opportunities to explore new features and interesting graphics and to share his interests with other Unity fans. Before evangelical to Unity, he was the main programmer for an indie studio.

Tatsuhiko works very hard to create maximum fun for Unity users. With Unity sinceYohei is a product evangelist and education lead in Tokyo. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry, including work as a game design engineer and scenario writer, and he is also currently a guest researcher at the University of Tokyo. Yohei loves that his job gives him opportunities to connect with many people.

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The Unity evangelism team Unity evangelists help the real-time creator community flourish by sharing their passion and knowledge. Meet the team Join us at an event. Americas team.


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Hiroki is a product evangelist and the regional director for Unity Japan.

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the classic video game Chrono Trigger and reflect on it, Caouette notes that she online publication Christian Gaming Online promotes an evangelical identity. Evangelical computer and video gamers often join game-playing guilds or clans have formed around the online discussion of digital games and RPGs The.

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First, practically all Christian gaming websites have forums where users can It is difficult to play most massively multi-player online games without joining a. Evangelical Christians have been creating video games for over thirty years, religious video games; by the year , the Internet circulated religious. Evangelical computer and video gamers often join game-playing guilds or clans have formed around the online discussion of digital games and RPGs The.
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