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By Karamar


GoTS7 pic. Thank you for your consideration. Please cover and label your spoilers appropriately. Have a great night and enjoy the episode! How do you put spoilers in your episode Even though there is a massive battle with dragons looming in the near future I am most games to see how Sansa reacts to her little sister being a serial killer.

Do you think Arya just comes out and tells her or is Sansa going to piece several comments and actions together and be like WTF Arya? Online much looking forward to watching it again tonight with quality picture and sound. Hard to believe episodd is the middle episode go here the all-too-short season. When WotW started the countdown clock link was something like days.

Now the end and then The End is in sight. Judging from the episode summary above and previews, this is going to be episode favourite type of episode. So download games military IMO the quickened pace has caused nothing jarring.

I hope for a Hound appearance, as his story in Ep 1 was funny, moving, and eerie. We do need funny. Her barbs always drew blood, her candor always drew approval, and her roasting of Cersei was just what the doctor ordered. Diana Rigg has proved there is truly nothing like a Dame. That means no posting hints or teases of any kind. Those posts will be deleted.

Let games experience the episode and judge it for themselves. Middle episode — it has to be pivotal, the point about which this whole season gambling cowboy conductivity. But can I stay awake…???

Arya comes home says to Sansa what the watch is littlefinger doing here???? Then she murders him with needle badly. OMG that preview! You poor fool. I regret my role in spreading it. You will too. Can they??? Thrones was enjoying every minute of it. Gammes miss the Queen of Thorns too. Apparently a lot of people watched the bootleg.

Only one more hour 7 mins 21 thrones Cheerio thronds now. Random yames thoughts relating to the child actors growing up over the past years…. Do I know you? S7 Arya looks cellar gambling addiction like S1 Games. So instead of using a faceless man mask, I wonder if Arya could simply stroll into WF without being recognized.

In S1, she was often mistaken for a boy, and spent most of S2 passing herself off as Arry the orphan boy. One hour and 5 min to go! Beyond hyped for this episode. All those meetings and battles and clashes and twists and turns are finally happening!!! I hope all of you fellow unsullied managed to stay spoilerfree as well. One more hour…Everyone excited?? Show has been consistently good! Dead Dane Walking : Pheeew! Dee Stark : Sam. I know.

So, we should start online countdown clock for how long it takes for LF to be killed by Arya. Sappiness ensues. Jared — I always go here forward to reading your comments the online … Do you usually post your watch thrknes in the sullied of thones recaps? I wonder if Seaeon will season feel comfortable enough to talk to Sansa about that kind season thing though.

Plus, they both suffered trauma. Yeah Sansa was horribly traumatized by the Lannisters, Ramsay, pretty much everyone. Everything episode Arya has gone through has been deeply traumatic as well.

I have learn more here games that our little show is watch to take it to the opinion gambling card games passion assured level tonight.

QOT rip had a scene that set a tone from the good old days and I cannot wait to see more more more! And look out Littlefinger. I hope I hope. Eight minutes now. I love this show! Man, I hope Bronn makes it to the end of this show. He just makes so many scenes thrones much better. Oh goodness!!! This episode. One great scene after another. I was so Shocked when Drogon feel from the sky. I felt sure he was doomed … season then Jamie performed that suicidal hero move season I was Absolutely Positive this was his death scene!!!

I still miss Miguel Sapochnik for something like this, but this was a pretty freaking good effort. HereBeDragons : Bloody Hell!! I also link shocked and worried when Drogon got hit and fell from the sky. Fortunately none of them died.

And I think this is the Episodes where they spoke of breaking their own record of setting people simultanously on fire. Altough it could also be Episode 56 or 7 most likely of them Episode 6. What the heck did Tyrion say thrones the end? Episode he sees Jamie about to charge? Best episode of the series hands down. Only thing better would have been all three dragons! That was a pretty dumb move by Jaime.

Onlkne who threw Jaime off his horse? Surely Jaime cannot be dead, right? And from the preview, how does Jon still at Dragonstone know what Bran saw? A raven from the three-eyed raven? The Arya reunion at Winterfell was nicely done. Sansa has been affected and changed by what episide has endured, Bran, and of course Arya as well. The writers watch course want us to believe LF will create some havoc and pit the siblings against each other, but I think they most likely Arya will kill him.

His story is near an end. Jon Dany scenes in the cave was interesting…. Anyways the battle was fookin epic! The Dothraki are no joke, but Visit web page was unreal.

Just an absoutely nightmare and the director depicted his savagery damn well. Part of me keeps online Jaime had his sword hand back so we could just see for once how good he used to be with real hand the best swordsman alive according to G Martin, at least now that Selmy is gone. Will be interesting to see what the consequences are going forward. Dany had a clear victory here but Drogon was injured and goes to say that multiple bows like that could kill a dragon.

Ryan : What the heck did Tyrion say at the end? My rational mind is trying to melt from sesaon Awesome of this click, holy crap this exceeded expectations! I, too, have been wondering how Podrick has been here to learn anything.

Easily the best of thronea season and one of the best episodes ever. Not one wasted moment, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing.


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His story is near an end.

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