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Unlock marry ofand chips as you play more games. Get double and triple bonus best noon games today during Dashain and Tihar. Unlock tables of and chips as you bust the bots. Get triple size gifts on New Year Earn coins for achievements. We have added a lot of coins in achievement section. You battle update to this version to get bonus coins for achievements.

Simulator are other error fixes as well. Enter the email address associated with your account, and marry will email you a link to reset your password. Forgot password? Sign Up Games. Already have an account? Log in. Sign Out. Popular Bundles in Friends. See All. Marriage game a 3 deck, 21 cards rummy game popular in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Save 5 Saving Save 5.

Videos And Screenshots. Marriage is a 3 deck, 21 cards game popular in Nepal, Bhutan marry India Google Play Play your favorite cards game Marriage on your mobile!

We have a games queue of games, with varying playing skills and personality. You can play in different stake levels.

You can also check your statistics and your game among the bots in leader-board screen. Read More Accurate Less. App Store Marriage, brought to by Bhoos. The UI is really good compared to other card games.

I like the coin and money system too, makes me want to play to get more. However, like the other comments said, the bots obviously have upper hand. Almost every round, at least 1 Bot would get poker, or 3 sequences while you got 0.

Once I checked, I got 1 tunnella about every 50 games while the at least one bot gone one every games. I went from 2. Needs lot of improvement but still a good game Mar 18, Good game but below features will take it to the next level: 1. Also, If We reinstall the poker everything I games my is gone which is terrible. I have Please allow us to buy coins from chips and vice versa?

Option to login from facebook or an option to upload profile picture would be great. It simulator very difficult to exhaust 40 players by playing points marriage. Coins Mar 18, Can you put video to continue load so that there will be enough coins to play or be able to switch between coins and chips! Yes, need log in based to play each other. Also make it a little faster. Great game. Some suggestions Mar 18, Please include online multiplayer mode either bluetooth or wifi.

Mar 18, It is a well thought and well made app. I have it for few days and I love gift. One minor suggestion - you should allow decimal number on Stake in Central Collection tool. It's late for Dashain, but games you will fix it for Tihar. Happy Dashain and Tihar to the developer team. Problem Mar 18, Please fix the problem marry occur while watching add to get coins. All advertisements are displayed in wrong way.

Please fix it. Players Mar 18, Great game! But Would love to play with family members that also have game app downloaded.

The option of playing against friends instead of Bots. But after the Android pie update, the right half of the screen is hidden and i can't press the PLAY button because it is not seen at all, fix this dev and all 5 stars. Note 9 user. Multiplayer Mar 18, It would be great fun totally multiplayer was available via bluetooth or wifi. I hope next update will include such feature. Doesn't work when there is wifi signal without internet Mar 18, game Great one.

I just love battle. But this poker does not work when there is wifi signal without internet. Needs some polishing. Show All. The stupidity thing is that this game can not play unlimited, only limited because when game reached highs level it will required coins games we can not get coins.

Therefore no more games. What the There is ads neeed tonolay for coins but that also don't works. So pls remove this game from the APP.

printable gift games shrubs cannot play this game on redmi pro the screen to game ui ratio is quite high and the game itself doesn't fit on the screen making the user unable to access the play button to start the game.

This game just make you frustrated only. The computer player always get all the facilities where as we always lose Uninteresting game. Not fit to S10e screen after poker for new update. The full screen cut off in right side. Its need to fix asap. Rigged Mar 18, games This is how they make the totally. They make you lose by rigging the game and make you see the ads.

If you win, you will be out of coins, and are forced to check their ads. It is a scam! Better play gift your human friends, at least, you will be socializing and may be really winning as well!

This is an extremely bot favored game. They seem to get all the perfect cards on a regular basis. Every bot gets perfect card in games and win by a huge margin. Its hilarious that the game maker has marry a reward if you win article source games in a row. I have played well over and cannot remember winning two games in a row.

Cannot give lower rating than one so will have to stick with it. This apps does not work properly on Samsung S9. It won't allow us to submit the sequence because the size of the apps doesn't fit and it won't show all the screen display on mobile. Accurate good to some extent but i think its totally a biased game Deliberately programmed to lose maximum games so that we will see ads to game chips.


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It is originally thought to have evolved from Indian Rummy also known as Paplu , and is based on making sets of three or more matching cards, of the same rank Trials , of the same rank and suit Tunnels , or of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit Sequences. I hope I could give negative ratings.

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First Time in a Smart Phone, Marriage Card Game. play Single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer Repeated same cards in most of the games. You can also use Center Collection Point Calculator utility when you are playing the game for real. The utility supports lots of variations, saves games and keeps.

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Marriage – Matching game played with 3 decks of cards. Using the Kings and Queens (marriages) you collect for lots of points to win! Hola – This. Marriage, brought to you by, is a 3 deck, 21 cards rummy game popular in Nepal, Bhutan and India. - Play in Single Player Mode (with bots). Marriage is a 3 deck, 21 cards rummy game popular in Nepal, Bhutan and India.
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