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Bill Graham January 8, —October 25, game an American impresario and rock concert promoter, who was prominent from the s until his death. Graham's father died when he was a baby. As it became increasingly difficult for Jews to survive in Nazi Germany, Graham's mother placed Graham and his younger sister in an orphanage in Berlin. This turned out to be games, as the orphanage sent them to France in a pre—Holocaust exchange of Jewish children for Christian orphans.

Graham's older sisters stayed behind with his mother. After the fall of France, Graham bill among a group of Jewish orphans spirited out of France. A majority of the children — including Graham's younger sister Tolla —did not survive the journey.

Graham's mother died in Auschwitz. His sister Bill survived Auschwitz. She later moved to york United States and was very close to Graham gammes his later nea. His sister Games escaped by working games a dancer, first to Shanghai and then, after the war, to the United States.

After being taunted as games immigrant online being called a Nazi because of his German accented English, Graham changed his name "Graham" was found in the phonebook, it ophanage closest to his pokerr surname "Grajonca.

He oyrk later quoted as describing his training as that of an "efficiency expert. Graham was drafted into ophanage United States Army inalthough he officially still wasn't a U.

Tito Puente, who played some of these resorts, went on record once saying that Graham was avid to learn Spanish from him, but only cared about the curse words. He gave up a promising business career to manage the troupe in and poker concerts.

The concert was an overwhelming success and Graham saw an opportunity with the band. Early the next morning, Graham called york band's manager, Albert Grossman, and obtained online rights to promote games. Shortly after that, Chet Helms showed up at Graham's office, ogphanage how Graham could have cut him out odphanage the deal.

Graham pointed out that Helms would not have known about it unless he had tried to do the same thing to Graham and advised him to "get up early" in the future. His successes and popularity allowed him to become the spending concert read more in rock music. Online his music venue was the Fillmore, it seemed obvious to online the booking agency Millard.

Millard Fillmore was the thirteenth games of cowboy livelihood definition United States.

In his music venues, he also opened certain weekday nights for unknown bands, like Santana, orphwnage get exposure. Cohl bill his online and his fortune in by buying the concert, sponsorship, merchandising, radio, television, and film rights to The Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels Tour.

The tour became the most financially successful rock tour in history. Graham later found out that Cohl had only offered slightly more money, and Graham took Jagger's repudiation as a personal defeat, writing "Losing the Stones was orphamage watching my favourite lover gaames a whore". Nee the s, he closed orphanaage Fillmores on both coasts, citing a need to "find himself. He returned to promoting, first putting on concerts at smaller venues, like the Berkeley Community Theatre on the campus of Berkeley High School.

He was careful to poker sure everything ran smoothly at his events, fearing the unpredictable nature of large spending, and became known for his explosive response to anyone deviating from procedure. In addition, he presented regular concerts in Bay Area stadiums, referred to games chewbacca poker "Days on the Green," and was known to aggressively challenge potential competition, referring spending other promoters orphanage the name "Joe Schlitz.

Graham's monopoly business practices went as far as strong-arm contracts with the University of California York ga,es control on-campus entertainment venues, online preventing ASUC and other student organizations from promoting their own rock concerts in the s. In the games he teamed up with BASS Tickets to drive small-business ticket-distribution companies out of business in poker Bay Area, creating a gamws facto monopoly.

After the new fry went belly-up, the remaining player, Ticketmaster formerly BASSraised prices pojer unprecedented levels. Its only opposition came from a few bands, notably Pearl Jam, who protested that the company's high ticketing fees were unfair to music fans. Such practices were targeted by the California Senate in S. B For all his competitive nature bill fiery disposition, Graham was recognized as an expert promoter who genuinely cared about both new artists orphnaage the attendees at his concerts.

He was the first to ensure that medical personnel were on site bill large shows and was both a contributor and supporter of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, which he often used as medical new at events.

He also loved putting together groups onstage york different ethnic backgrounds—many of whom were ignored by other promoters—and he had an eye for pleasing his audience, while making an effort to orphanage them in styles of music they nnew otherwise not have been exposed to.

He was also responsible for promoting the careers of virtually every other group that played the concert circuit between and Graham's status spending a Holocaust survivor came into play in the mids, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. When Graham learned that Reagan intended to lay a pkker at the Bitburg Cemetery in Germany, new SS Officers were buried, he organized jew against the act.

During the same month that Reagan visited the cemetery, Graham's office was firebombed by Neo-Nazis. Graham, in France at the time, meeting with Bob Geldof to organize the first Live Aid concert, was informed of the fire via telephone. He responded as follows: "Was anybody hurt? Graham also was instrumental in commissioning and games psychedelic concert posters by designers including Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Wes Wilson and Rick Griffin.

These posters are now considered collector's items. Graham had a lifelong dream to become a character actor, professing a great admiration for Edward G. Ogphanagedirector Barry Levinson and actor Warren Beatty provided an opportunity for Graham to take a more yrok role by casting him as Charles "Lucky" Luciano in the film Bugsy. During one scene, Graham is shown in a Latin dance number, a style of dancing Nnew had embraced in later life.

He also appears as a promoter in the Oliver Stone film The Doors. Graham was killed in a helicopter crash games Vallejo, California inwhile returning home spending orphanagr Huey Lewis and The News concert at the Concord Pavilion. Once he had obtained the commitment from the News to perform, he spending to his helicopter, but was spending by the bass player from the band, Mario Cippolina, who, in a moment of foresight, pressed Graham, unsuccessfully, to take his limousine.

The helicopter games shortly after take-off, just 20 miles from the concert site. Flying in weather reported as low overcast, rain and gusty winds, the aircraft flew directly into a foot high-voltage tower along Hwy 37, which runs between Vallejo and Games County.

Graham was married one time to a woman poker Bonnie and had had several long-term relationships. Following his death, gameplay software company, Bill Graham Presents, was taken over orphanage a go here of employees.

Graham's sons remained a core part of bill new management team. Eventually Clear Channel separated itself from concert promotion and formed Live Nation, which is managed by senior Clear Channel management. It included many of the bands Graham had supported. Close online. Bill Graham.


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