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There are few things in life better than music, so obviously there are even fewer things in life better than music and rhythm games. Music evokes more emotional responses than any other and usually does so within a few short minutes. Games can make us feel things over time, but music is often much more immediate. In any case, you really should play Tetris Effect. Beat Saber has taken VR by storm and helped put the fledgeling tech onto the heads and into the hands of many new best. Beat Saber is so simple in concept: click at this page two different coloured lightsabers yes, like in Star Warsyou slash blocks of the corresponding colour in the direction the game tells you to — making you feel like a Jedi in full flow although you do games to look a bit best to everyone else in the room.

A top-down rogue-like might seem an odd fit for rhythm-based mechanics, but developer Brace Yourself Games has stumbled upon gold with Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Every action in this dungeon crawl needs to be performed on the beat of the music — with different games following different beats. It takes some time to get your head around it, but for bonus points, you can actually play the entire game with a dance pad if you fancy breaking a sweat.

While this entry marked a high point in the general difficulty of the settings, Guitar Rhythm III: Legends of Rock still scales well to a broad range of players, with easier difficulty settings and slow songs for newcomers to get acquainted with before moving onto solo-heavy anthems.

The fact that this game still has a thriving Twitch community over a decade after release tells you everything you need to know about its lasting appeal. Just try not to get too familiar — there are still obstacles to dodge. The awkwardly titled Rocksmith Remastered is a re-release of the original Rocksmithitself a sequel to the first Rocksmith title. Still with us? Easily the most obscure of all the rhythm games on this list, Rhythm Doctor sees players dole out medication to patients by, er, games the spacebar on the seventh beat of every bar, over and over again despite a cavalcade of audiovisual distractions.

As you heal patients your screen might glitch, or there might be some kind of lag to accommodate. Even better, your screen may go blank best forcing you to count the beat in your head. You might want to invest in a rhythm for this one. Remember ? No, not the movie, the year?

DJ simulator Fuser gives you the tools to create the ultimate party mix — or the most unholy mashups you can think of. All the tracks are automatically beat matched and in the correct key, so games that remains is to choose the perfect moment to drop in rhythm chorus to Party Rock Anthem. We tried rhythm the virtual decks ourselves in our Fuser gameplay preview — the link rhythm game is due to arrive Autumn And online games flowing now you have it, our pick of the best rhythm games on PC.

Now, if some bright spark would please make a rhythm game with role-playing mechanics set in a massive open map then we could merge them all into one.

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